Peacemakers Acting in Loving Service

Saint Cyril of Alexandria School has as its motto “Head to Heart to Hands.” It is our aim to teach the students not only peacemaking skills, but also to encourage them to practice the skills learned through role-playing, study, and then live them in service to their neighbor as Jesus teaches us, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mt 22:39). The Saint Cyril School Community (faculty, staff, students, and parents) continues to implement our SCS Peacemaking Plan. The Plan helps students to Stop and Think; Consider and Communicate; and Solve and Go in Peace when dealing with a problem.


Peace Initiatives

  • SCS Peacemaking Plan
  • Student and Parent Peacemaking Committee
  • ¬†IHM Peace Project, Gathering the Peaces, a Scripture and virtue-based program
  • Peace Foundation K-8 Curriculum
  • Multicultural Awareness
  • Study of Peacemaking Heroes
  • Community Awareness Peacemaking Project (CAPP)
  • Peacemakers Guide to Peace